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4454 North Damen Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60625

(773) 728-7510
Open 9:00 am - 10:00 pm

Seven days a week













COVID-19 Update

Due to the current stay-at-home order, all meetings will be conducted online via Zoom. You can request an invite to any online meetings by emailing

10:30 AM Sober on Sunday
4:30 PM Sunday Afternoon Open Meeting (open to all)
8:00 PM Sunday Night Group
11:00 AM Blue Monday Group
11:00 AM Big Book Over Coffee (Basement)
6:30 PM Women's Discussion Meeting (Basement)
8:00 PM Intro to AA through the Big Book
(2nd Floor)
8:00 PM Foster Beach Group
8:00 PM NA Basic Text Study (Basement)
9:05 AM Double Edge Sword (Basement)
11:00 AM Beginning Again Group
11:00 AM Beginning Again Group #2 (Basement)
6:30 PM Reflections Group (Basement)
8:00 PM Group #25
10:30 AM Clarendon Park Step Group (Basement)
11:00 AM Little Group
3:30 PM Lighten Up Group (Basement)
6:30 PM Women's 12x12 (Basement)
8:00 PM Ravenswood Group
8:00 PM 11th Step Meditation (Basement)
11:00 AM Damen Ave Group
11:00 AM Whiners & Moaners (Basement)
6:30 PM Reflections Group (Basement)
7:30 PM Traditions & History
(2nd Floor, 1st & 3rd Thursday
of the month)
8:00 PM AAA AA/Al-Anon (Basement)
8:00 PM Clarendon Beach Group
9:05 AM Friday Step Group (Basement)
10:30 AM Friday With Helen (Basement)
11:00 AM Clark-Wilson Group
6:30 PM Weekend Kick-off/Music Mtg. (Basement)
8:00 PM Beginners Group (2nd Floor)
8:00 PM 12 Step Study Group
8:00 PM Kitchen Table Group (Basement)
10:30 AM Alexian Brothers Group
10:30 AM Saturday Big Book (2nd Floor)
2:00 PM Sunnyside Al-Anon Group (Basement)
6:00 PM Saturday 12 & 12 Step Group (Basement)
8:00 PM Saturday Resident's Meeting

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